What to expect from psychiatric consultation

There will be a number of reasons why a patient will be referred for a psychiatric consultation or evaluation. But attending the psychiatric services chester pa center does not necessarily require a prescription from your general practitioner (GP) or family doctor (MD), although that would be well-advised. You are more than welcome to exercise your own rights to volunteer yourself for first-time treatment.

You might be feeling quite paranoid. Even if it is for no apparent reason, you would be doing the correct and responsible thing. Because you just never know. Who is to say that such feelings may persist? Who is to say what could happen if such persistent feelings are ignored or suppressed. It has been known to happen. Worse things could happen. And yes, it has happened. There have been tragic consequences.

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So yes, rather act now of your own accord before anything potentially worse happens. This does not need to be paranoia. It does not need to be a heightened sense of insecurity about self and in the company of others. It does not need to be the lack of confidence and feelings of low self-esteem. It generally starts with high levels of stress and anxiety. And there could be any number of reasons why this is happening to a person.

Going to your GP first and foremost is a good idea. After all, he has your file and he has an acute understanding of your case history over the years. As a medical practitioner, and he does not need to be a psychiatrist or psychologist to figure out as much, he is well able to recognize both physical and emotional symptoms that can be treated, perhaps without even needing to go and see a psychiatrist or psychologist.